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Dorm Broccoli Cheese and Rice Soup

1 (4 5/8 ounce) box10-minute success broccoli and cheese flavored rice mix (it's cheap and easy because the rice is boil-in-bag)
1 tablespoon butter
13 cup half-and-half or 13 cup milk
1 cup frozen broccoli, thawed (or a handful what ever you have on hand)
cheese, cut into pieces for easier melting (I use Velveeta slices)
1 (10 1/3 ounce) cancampbells condensed broccoli cheese soup
1 14-2 cups milk (this is actually a can of milk and some extra, in case it's too thick for your taste)


Boil the rice in your rice cooker according to package directions. When done, drain and place rice back in the cooker. It will be large enough to make the whole recipe and serve as a storage dish for leftovers. Stir in seasoning packet, half & half, butter, thawed broccoli, and cheese. Make sure everything is well-combined and cheese is melted. Fold in condensed soup. Add the can of milk and stir to combine. Add more milk to make desired consistency. Serve with oyster crackers or saltines or crusty bread. NOTE: The longer this sits, the thicker it gets. To reheat, just drizzle on a little milk to thin out the cheese sauce and "loosen" it up. Heat at 30 second intervals on 70% power.

Source: www.food.com