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Brad's wild duck poppers

1 breast meat from 8 wild ducks
1 small jar pepporcini whole
1 small onion
1 lb bacon
1 packages cream cheese
1 box tempura batter
1 oil for frying
1 toothpicks


cut Bacon into 3" pieces lay pieces out on a cutting board remove fat and tendon from duck meat. filet breasts in half. then cut halves length wise then width wise place duck on bacon pieces cut peppers in half remove stems and place pieces on duck cut onion into 1/2" wide slivers. put a dab of cream cheese on onion and place on pepper roll up Popper and secure with a toothpick dip in tempura and deep fry in 360F oil. I use canola or peanut drain on paper towels and serve with plum sauce or other preferred dipping sauce

Source: cookpad.com