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Bear & Flower Bento with 1 Wiener Sausage

2 Vienna sausages with no skin
2 Frozen edamame
1 Hot cooked white rice
1 s small amount Bonito flakes
1 dash Soy sauce
1 Carrot


Place the wiener between 2 chopsticks and insert some cuts with a knife, leaving a little space between each cut. Turn the sausage over 180 and insert some slices between those that you made on the other side. When you boil the wieners they'll curl up a little like this. (They'll look really different because of the slices you made.) Cut off each end of the wiener to create the ears. Cut off a thin slice of wiener to make the nose. Connect both ends of each sausage together and fix in place with a piece of dried pasta. Then add a frozen edamame bean to the middle to complete the flower. Mix some soy sauce with some bonito flakes and then mix into some cooked rice and create some round rice balls. Fix on the nose and ears and then make the rest of the face by punching out or cutting out some nori seaweed. You're done. These bears will look even cuter if you cut some small circles out of a boiled carrot with a straw to create some cheeks.

Source: cookpad.com