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Emu and Honey Lip Formula

3 tablespoons cocoa butter, grated
3 beeswax (pellets or grated)
3 tablespoons cocoa nut oil
1 tablespoon honey
1 tablespoon castor oil
12 teaspoon emu oil
18 teaspoon vitamin E


Before starting, make sure your work station is as clean as possible. Have clean utensils and pots -- the tubes you are putting your product in have been cleaned. You want to keep your finished product to stay as sterile as possible. Peppermint ESO or any other cosmetic flavor could be added for taste. The recipe can be cut in half quite successfully. Combine the first 3 ingredients and heat until just melted, roughly 3 - 4 minutes. Do not let the mixture come to a boil. Once melted, add the honey, castor oil, emu oil. Mix well. Vitamin E and ESO are heat sensitive, so let the lip balm mixture cool down until warm to the touch before adding (about 6-9 minutes). Work quickly to pour the balm into either pots or tubes. Let stand, undisturbed until the mixture solidify. When the balm has solidified, there will be a "well" in the middle of the tube/pot. Take a knife and smooth the edges down for a nicer look. Vitamin E has it's own healing properties, but it is used here as a preservative. With any home products, there is a shelf life of roughly 2 years. I date my finished product -- but I have usually used it up by then! Because these lip balms do not have the heavy beeswax as does the commercial counterparts, they could possibly "melt" if left in cars during the heat of the summer. Caution: These lip balms do not have the heavy preservatives that the commercial counterparts have. With any home product that is "applied" to the skin, keep in mind about how clean your skin is and who is going to use it. The mouth is a huge breeding ground for germs. Beware that if you pass your balm around you could possible contaminate your stick. If you are using pots, try to flick some balm out on your fingernail, then apply that way. The cleaner the enviroment it is going to be used in the longer the shelf life it is going to have. Just some "food for thought"!

Source: www.food.com