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Susie's Bleu Cheese Ball with a Holiday Presentation

2 (8 ounce) packages cream cheese
3 -4 ounces crumbly blue cheese
14 cup minced onion, you pick the type of onion
1 package whole almond


Mix all ingredients except almonds and form to shape of a pine cone on serving tray. (Imagine a pine cone hanging from a branch. Now mentally slice that pine cone in half lengthwise and lay it on your serving tray. That's the shape you want to make.) Starting at the"bottom" of the pine cone lay almonds down flat on cream cheese with narrow end at bottom and wider, rounded end at top. Continue with more rows of almonds across the pinecone, slightly overlapping each row on the previous row. Remember that branch the pine cone was hanging from? Place your piece of evergreen like that. Obviously, don't use something poisonous or you can use a piece of silk (artificial) evergreen. They make some very attractive ones now. Or skip all that, form it into a ball and roll it in chopped pecans. Serve at room temperature.

Source: www.food.com