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Barbecued Chicken and Pineapple

1/4 cup BULL'S-EYE Original Barbecue Sauce
1 Tbsp. Sriracha sauce (hot chili sauce)
1 Tbsp. minced gingerroot
1 broiler-fryer chicken (3-1/2 lb.), cut up
1 pineapple, cored, cut into 8 rings


Heat grill to medium heat. Mix first 3 ingredients until blended. Spray grill with cooking spray. Add chicken and pineapple. Grill pineapple 2 min. on each side. Remove from grill; set aside. Reserve half the barbecue sauce mixture for later use. Grill chicken additional 15 min. on each side. Brush chicken with half the remaining barbecue sauce mixture; grill 10 min. or until done (165F), turning and brushing with remaining barbecue sauce mixture after 5 min. Remove from grill. Brush chicken and pineapple with reserved barbecue sauce mixture.

Source: www.kraftrecipes.com