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Backstrap of Venison

1 (2 lb) venison, backstrap 2lbs (or more)
sliced salt pork
black pepper, to taste
soy sauce
4 medium potatoes
1 onion, sliced


Place slices of salt pork on bottom of 13x9 baking pan.Place backstrap on top, sprinkle lightly with soy sauce . Pepper liberally. Place slices of salt pork over top. Add chunks of potatoes and sliced onion around meat. Pepper potatoes and onions. You can cover the pan with heavy duty aluminum foil if it starts to dry out. Bake at 350 until potatoes are fork tender and meat registers at least 145 degrees on meat thermometer. Take out of oven and let meat rest for 15 minutes. Remove salt pork slices and slice meat. serve with potatoes and onions.

Source: www.food.com