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Halloween Jack-o'-Lantern Curry

1 serving Any curry you like
1 serving Cooked rice (warm)
20 grams Kabocha squash (to color the rice)
1 Kabocha squash (for decoration)
1 dash of each Cheddar cheese / Italian parsley / nori seaweed


Steam the kabocha squash and remove the skin and mash the quantity you'll use for the rice. Mix well with the rice, wrap and form into a pumpkin shape. Use nori seaweed to make the facial features. Make star shapes with the rest of the kabocha. Do the same with the cheddar cheese. Put the curry into a bowl and place the kabocha/rice pumpkin on top. Put a sprig of parsley on the pumpkin's head. It's simple but it really sets the scene for Halloween!

Source: cookpad.com