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Red Wine Fries with Cabernet Ketchup

2 pounds russet potatoes, peeled
1 1/2 bottles red wine
1 1/2 tablespoons kosher salt
1 tablespoon sugar
1 cup cabernet or other dry red wine
1 tablespoon grapeskin flour or sumac
2 cups ketchup
Canola oil, for frying


For the red wine fries: Combine the potatoes, red wine, salt and sugar in a medium pot and bring to a boil. Par-cook the potatoes for 13 minutes to soften. Immediately turn off the heat. Let the potatoes cool completely in the wine, then strain and pat dry with paper towels. Slice the potatoes into 1/2-by-1/2-by-2 1/2-inch fries. For the cabernet ketchup: Add the cabernet to a small saucepan, bring to a simmer and reduce to 1/4 cup, 10 to 15 minutes. Stir in the grapeskin flour and the ketchup. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool completely. In a heavy-duty pot, preheat 3 inches of canola oil to 250 degrees F. Blanch the potatoes in the preheated oil for 2 minutes. Remove to a paper-towel-lined baking sheet to drain. Raise the oil temperature to 350 degrees F and fry the potatoes a second time until crispy, about 3 minutes. Drain on paper towels and season with salt immediately. Serve the red wine fries with the cabernet ketchup.

Source: www.foodnetwork.com