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Trash Can Turkey

1 turkey
your favorite seasoning


Start 20 pounds of charcoal on fire. Line ground with foil to extend 10" beyond the diameter of the trash can. Place the turkey on the stake so it is hanging 2" off the ground (legs pointing down). Rub seasonings into skin as desired. Place trash can upside down over turkey. Shovel burning charcoal around the outside of the can and also enough to make one layer on top of inverted can. Keep adding charcoal so can stays hot. Check turkey after 2 1/2 hours. Additional cooking may be required depending on the size and wind. HINT: To capture the juices, place a bundt pan under the turkey slide down the stake before putting the turkey on the stake. Instead of the wooden stake you can also use a steel rod that has had a cross piece welded to the top. It should look like a long legged T.

Source: www.food.com