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Frittata Del Jardin

2 peeled carrots
1 large yam
2 cups spinach
2 eggs
1 cup almond meal
23 cup gluten-free flour


Blend 2 carrots & 1 large or 2 small yams/sweet potatoes (yams are lower in sugar) on low speed or use food processor (vita mix:1-2) until only small shreds. Add in 2 cups spinach at very end just to break into smaller pieces, not mush! Scoop out mixture into bowl. Blend on low: 1 c almond meal and 2/3c gluten free flour or sift. Add in 2 eggs and teaspoon of water until well mixed to mixture, should be a little thicker than batter (gluten free flours vary in ingredients, so I always add water until it all sticks together).Scoop out into bowl with veggies, and mix with your hands to coat well, or use utensil of choice to be less efficient;) (sprinkle in a little water or oil if dry, add in almond meal if too moist). EGG-LESS***Variation: omit eggs and add a little water and flour, as long as mixture sticks a little you are good to go. Scoop out palm sized amount or smaller and flatten, use the other 1/2 cup of almond meal (flour and almond meal makes it extra crispy) to coat outside of patties. It will fall apart easily-it's ok! Pan fry in safflower oil, or grapeseed oil, never in olive oil. The patties should be "lacy" thin for frittatas, remember they will stick together once in the oil-I usually slide a patty off a spatula into the oil, gently press "drifters" back into frittata edges -- Let drain on paper bags/kitchen paper/paper towels, wrap any extra frittatas in wax paper to separate and freeze. Keeps in fridge well 3-5 days. Top with a slice of butter and/or avocado slices. Kids liked putting ketchup on top like hash browns -- protein (almond meal), veggies, and good oils-what more could you ask for?! I've made variations of these by using diff combos veges. Works great with leftover vege's!

Source: www.food.com