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Mexican Hot Christmas Fruit Punch

3 lbs small crabapples (tejocotes)
2 lbs peeled sugar cane, in chunks
3 lbs golden delicious apples
3 lbs guavas, skinned
3 cups brown sugar, adapt to taste
2 lbs pitted prunes
30 g cinnamon sticks
1 orange rind, without whitish underskin, in small squares
2 whole cloves
20 tamarind pulp, pods peeled (or 20 jamaica flowers)
6 liters water


Place the crab apples in a pot with water and bring to a boil.Once it has boiled turn off heat and take off peel and pits. In another pot, preferably of Mexican clay pottery, pour the 6 litters of water and turn heat to high. Meanwhile peel and chunk the sugar cane. When the water has begun boiling put in the peeled and pitted crab apples and the chunked sugar cane and simmer for 45 minutes. Also chunk the golden delicious apples and the peeled guavas and add to the brew. Simmer for another 30 minutes. Add the sugar and on the next boil, add the. orange peel bits and the cinnamon, the prunes and the cloves. Simmer until cinnamon and cloves release their flavor and just before serving add rum to taste. Serve hot. Optional: You can add a couple of slices of drained canned peaches when serving.

Source: www.food.com