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Persian Style Chicken and Rice

1 bbq rotisserie-cooked chicken
2 cups basmati rice
7 -8 saffron strands
12 cup slivered almonds
12 cup dried barberries or 12 cup cranberries
5 spring onions
14 cup fresh coriander (or more)
2 tablespoons butter
1 teaspoon sumac


Place the basmati in a rice cooker with 2-3 cups of water (according to your rice cooker's instructions) along with pinch of salt and the saffron. Turn the rice cooker on and while that is cooking, prepare the rest. Strip the bbq chicken of it's skin, wings and stuffing (I usually eat this as I cook the meal ha ha). Chop up the roast chicken meat roughly and set aside. Dry roast the almonds in a large frypan until they're a light golden brown, then set aside. Fry the berries in appx 1/2 tbpsn of the butter for about five minutes, then set aside. Put another 1/2 tbspn of the butter in the pan and fry the chopped spring onions gently til they go soft. Add the cooked rice and the rest of the butter, stir fry for about five minutes. Add the chicken, almonds, berries and sumac and stir through. Add the fresh coriander, cook for another minute, then serve.

Source: www.food.com