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Santa Claus Bento for Christmas

100 grams Plain cooked rice
25 grams Salmon filets
1/2 tsp Shiro-dashi
1 Hanpen
2 Imitation crab sticks
1 dash Nori seaweed


Wrap the salmon in plastic and microwave. Remove the bones and the darkened red meat, add 1/2 teaspoon of shiro-dashi and grind into a paste. (If this is too much work, just use readymade salmon flakes.) Add the rice to the salmon paste, and make one large chestnut shaped onigiri, and a tiny onigiri for the nose. Put a piece of kitchen parchment paper on the large onigiri, and draw the beard. Slice the hanpen 2-3mm thick. Using the paper from Step 3 as a pattern, cut a beard out of the hanpen. Cut out a pompom, hat brim, and Santa's eyebrows in the hanpen. Make the hat brim longer than needed. Peel the red part of the crab sticks. Wrap 1 piece around the pointy triangular part of the onigiri to form the hat. Cut the other piece out to make the cheeks. Stick the hanpen pieces on the onigiri. Add nori seaweed circles for the eyes. Add the nose from Step 2 and it's done! Adding a mouth made out of nori is cute too. (I ran out of time...) "Moepi" made a big one for a Christmas party. Cute! My daughter, who's in 2nd grade, made this by herself.

Source: cookpad.com