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Thai Noodle Soup

1 Tablespoon Sesame Oil
7 ounces, weight Thinly Sliced Chicken Breasts Or Prawns (peeled And Deveined)
2 teaspoons Red Thai Curry Paste (add An Extra Tsp If You Prefer A Spicier Dish)
1 whole Red Pepper, Stem And Seeds Removed, Sliced
6 whole Scallions, Sliced
16 ounces, fluid Chicken Stock
2 Tablespoons Fish Sauce
1 Tablespoon Low Sodium Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon Lime Juice
1 teaspoon Ground Ginger
1/2 cups Frozen Edamame
5 ounces, weight Egg Noodles
2 Tablespoons Crushed Unsalted Peanuts, To Garnish
1 bunch Chopped Cilantro To Garnish


1. In a large saute pan, heat the sesame oil over a medium-high heat. Add the chicken/prawns (if omitting protein, add the vegetables instead) and the red Thai curry paste and stir for 5-6 minutes. 2. Add the red pepper and scallions and stir for a further 2 minutes. 3. Add the stock, fish sauce, soy sauce, lime juice, ginger and edamame, and reduce to a simmer for 5 minutes, allowing the flavors to develop. Taste, and add a dash more soy, fish sauce, lime juice or ginger, if needed. 4. Meanwhile, cook the noodles according to the packet instructions. This should take 3-4 minutes. 5. Drain the noodles and serve between 2 bowls. Divide the soup over the noodles. Add the crushed peanuts and cilantro and serve. Note that this recipe is not vegetarian as it contains chicken stock and fish sauce. If you want to make it vegetarian you can substitute the stock for vegetable stock, and add extra soy sauce and some lime juice to replace the fish sauce.

Source: tastykitchen.com