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Homemade Low Fat Yoghurt

6 cups water
1 cup low-fat powdered milk
12 cup yogurt


Take you crock pot and all 6 cups of water. Slowly (as in a Tablespoon at a time) add the milk powder, whisking thoroughly after each addition. A froth will happen, but don't worry it will dissapear on its own. Leave in the crockpot for 4 hours on low. Take lid off and allow to cool till the milk feels pleasantly warm on the inside part of the elbow. Gently stir in the yoghurt. Place lid back on pot and wrap in a bath towl and leave for 8 hours. If you want the yoghurt to be thicker, line a colander with paper towls and leave for a hour or two. Whisk and place into a water tight container in the fridge. Remember to leave 1/2 a cup of yogurt to use when you make the recipe again. *The first time you make this recipe, buy yogurt that has live cultures. This usually mean something more costly than Yoplait. but you will only need it once.

Source: www.food.com