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Cider Bryne Chicken Recipe

1-Chicken (cut up)
Apple Cider-adds sweetness
Kosher Salt
1-Cup Flour with a little Cornstarch
Black Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Favorite Vegetable Oil


Place Raw Chicken in bowl Add enough Water and Apple Cider to cover chicken Add Salt-More Salt for less time in bryne, Less salt for longer time in bryne Marinate in bryne at least one hour, can be overnight or longer Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least one hour Remove Chicken and add to Dredge Mixture Dredge Chicken in Egg Wash, black pepper, cayenne pepper mixture Place Chicken on rack after dredging for 10 minutes In a paper bag add Flour,& Cornstarch Remove Chicken from bryne and place in bag and Shake in Flour mixture. Heat oil to 325 degrees Do not overcrowd in skillet Add enough oil to cover chicken Cook Chicken for 10-15 minutes then turn and cook 8-9 minutes more

Source: cookeatshare.com