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Provoletta (Low Carb, High Protein)

12 lb provolone cheese
olive oil, to coat
oregano or marjoram or sage, to taste
pepper, to taste


Slice the cheese into 2" thick pieces (or thinner if using aged provolone). Brush cheese with olive oil so spices stick to outside; sprinkle with spices. Grill about 6" from heat source on the grill or in the broiler, until the outside crisps, the cheese turns golden brown and just starts to run (Do NOT overcook or you will have a puddle); this can also be done in a cast iron skillet over high heat so the outside crisps before the middle starts to spread all over the pan (spray pan with cooking spray first and keep scooting the cheese around the pan while it's cooking so it doesn't stick). Serve right away (it gets hard if you let it cool down and doesn't reheat very well) on small plates with a fork and knife.

Source: www.food.com