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Almost Fried Plantains - Virtually Fat Free

1 ripe plantain, look for one with lots of brown spots
14-13 cup water
cooking spray


Peel plantain and slice 1/4 inch thick on a slight diagonal. This will give you oblong slices that are easy to handle while cooking. Using medium-high heat, pre-heat a non stick skillet. Place plantains in a single layer in the pan. Add water just until it covers the bottom half of the plantains. Reduce heat a small amount and cook 2 or 3 minutes until the water evaporates. Your plantains should begin to have a softer texture and more translucent quality. Lightly spray the tops of the plaintains with cooking spray and turn over. Cook an additional minute or so until you get a lovely, slightly crispy brown exterior on the plantains. Give the tops another quick spray of oil and turn over again. Cook the first side a minute or so until it too has browned a bit. Stop eating the plantains while you're cooking. :-). Serve.

Source: www.food.com