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Vietnamese Soy Pudding with Ginger Syrup

4 cups Unsweetened Soy Milk
1/2 Tablespoons Agar-agar Powder
1/2 cups Warm Water
1 cup Light Brown Sugar
1 piece (3 Inches Long) Fresh Ginger, Sliced And Peeled


In a saucepan, heat soy milk over medium heat until it begins to simmer. Whisk in agar-agar powder until dissolved. Cook on a low simmer, mixing frequently for approximately 7-8 minutes. Using a fine mesh sieve, strain the liquids before dividing between eight 4-ounce dishes. After a few minutes, use toothpicks and run along the side and tops of each dish to remove and discard the thin skin layer that has formed on top. Allow to cool to room temperature on the counter, then cover each dish and refrigerate for a minimum of 4 hours or until firm. While the tofu is chilling, prepare the ginger syrup. In a sauce pan, use a rubber spatula to stir and dissolve the water and sugar. Add in the ginger slices and cook on medium low heat until it reaches a slight simmer. Reduce the heat to low and allow the syrup to cook and thicken for about 10-15 minutes. Be careful not to burn the sugars. Cool the syrup before using. To serve, spoon a heaping tablespoon (or more if desired) of the ginger syrup over each dish. Enjoy!

Source: tastykitchen.com