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Tortilla Formed Salad Bowl Shells

6 (8 inch) corn tortillas
1 teaspoon Crisco shortening


Heat oven 350*. One flat baking tray. Grease 6 oven proof soup or popcorn bowls on the inside, Reserve 7th bowl. Place each tortilla inside greased bowl. Stack filled bowls inside of each other. Place the 7th empty bowl inside of the 6th bowl. Place a weight inside the bowl that is heat resistant. Bake 12 minutes. Remove tray from oven. Do not move the bowls. Let them cool down. Then remove the bowls. Put plastic wrap in between. If you form homemade tortillas, bake a little longer to form the shells. It seems they have more moisture in them. Make only 6 at each time.

Source: www.food.com