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Honey Mustard Vinaigrette for a Crowd

1 13 cups cider vinegar
1 13 cups Dijon mustard (mild)
1 13 cups honey
3 12-4 cups light oil (ok to use veg oil, or use olive if you prefer)
sea salt (to taste)


In a mixing bowl (or your food processor), whisk together the vinegar and mustard. You can adjust the vinegar as desired -- ie, if you prefer less tart dressing, slightly reduce the amount of vinegar and increase the mustard. If you're using creamed honey, you'll have to warm it up to liquify it -- then allow it to cool a bit. In a slow drizzle, whisk in the honey to the vinegar/mustard mixture. Whisk in the oil, also in a slow drizzle. You can adjust the oil at this point as well, adding about 3 1/2 cups then tasting and adjusting to your preference. Add salt to taste and freshly ground pepper.

Source: www.food.com