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Momma's never get sick again tea

16 oz boiling water
2 organic peppermint tea bags
1 tsp grated organic ginger
1 tbsp organic lemon juice
1 tbsp or more manuka honey


Put tea bags and ginger in cup and pour boiling water over them Let the hot water sit for 5 minutes to get all of the flavors out of tea bags and ginger (you may want to wait longer to bring it to a drinkable temperature) Add lemon juice and last of all the manuka honey (never add the manuka honey right away as the boiling water will diminish the healthy side effect) Drink every day especially during cold and flu season and you'll be amazed! No more colds, no more flus, no more allergies, and its safe for kids over a year old, without the chemicals of over the counter medications. I've been drinking this mixture for nearly 2 year's without so much as a sniffle!

Source: cookpad.com