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Potato Packs (For the Grill)

1 medium potato, cut in thick french fry style pieces (I prefer Yukon Gold)
1 garlic clove, crushed
14 onion, chopped
3 mushrooms, sliced
14 green pepper, chopped
14 jalapeno, chopped (optional)
14 cup butter
lemon pepper seasoning
aluminum foil


Put out a piece of aluminum foil large enough to envelope an entire pack (about the size of a dinner plate). Spread 1/8 cup better on the foil. Sprinkle half the crushed garlic on the butter. Season with salt, pepper and lemon pepper. I use salt sparingly and pepper and lemon pepper generously. Spread half of the onions, half of the mushrooms, half of the green pepper, and half of the jalapeno on top of the seasoned butter. Cover with the potato. Cover with the remainder of the onion, mushrooms, green pepper and jalapeno. Put the rest of the garlic on top. Season with salt, pepper, and lemon pepper. Spread the rest of the butter (1/8 cup) on the very top. Roll up the aluminum foil to cover all the ingredients. Use a second piece of aluminum foil to secure. Put on the grill for around 20 minutes or until done, flipping at least once. Open the aluminum foil up and enjoy!

Source: www.food.com