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Lemon Tomatillo Salsa

4 whole tomatillos
1 whole chili pepper (I like jalapeno)
14 cup fresh lemon juice
1 garlic clove
4 cups cilantro


Peel the skin off the tomatillos and they should feel sticky, wash until it doesn't feel sticky and does not have anymore dirt on it; cut in half or quarter. Trim the stem of the pepper and cut in half. Cut all of the stems off the cilantro and wash so there are *no* bad leaves on them. Peel and score the clove of garlic. Put the tomatillo, garlic and pepper halves in a pot of water (doesn't matter how big, just make sire they have some room). Let the water boil for about five minutes in medium-high water, and wait till the tomatillos color turns a bit yellowish. Once boiled, move the tomatillos, garlic and peppers into a food processor with about 1/2 of a cup of the hot-water (you can eye-ball it) and mix with the lemon juice and cilantro. Blend until they are all mixed up and at the point between course and smooth. Move to a container and let cool (optional, but I recommend it). Put on anything and enjoy!

Source: www.food.com