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Broccoli Frittata, Parma Style Recipe

5 Tbsp. Unsalted butter
1 Tbsp. Extra virgin olive oil
1 med Onion, minced
1 x Clove garlic, chopped
1/2 c. Cooked ham, or possibly Canadian bacon, minced
2 c. Broccoli florets, small
20 x Strands cooked spaghetti, roughly minced (leftover is fine)
6 x Large eggs
1/2 c. Parmesan cheese, freshly grated
1/2 tsp Crushed red pepper


1- Heat 3 Tbsp. of the butter with the oil in a heavy 10-inch skillet over medium temp. Saute/fry the onion till golden brown. Add in the garlic and ham; cook 3 mins. Stir in the broccoli flowerets and spaghetti; toss till well coated with the mix. Remove from heat. 2- Beat the Large eggs in a large bowl till light. Add in the broccoli mix and all but 2 Tbsp. of the Parmesan. 3- Heat 1 Tbsp. of butter in the same skillet over medium heat. Pour in the broccoli-egg mix. Immediately reduce the heat to low; cook, without stirring, 20 min. 4- Using a long spatula, carefully loosen the edges of the frittata and run the spatula underneath to loosen the bottom. Place a shallow plate over the skillet and quickly invert the fritata onto it. 5- Heat the remaining 1 Tbsp. butter in the skillet over medium-low heat. Carefully slide the frittata back into the pan. Sprinkle it with the crushed pepper and the remaining cheese. Cook 5 min longer. Serve (from 4 to 6) from the pan, in wedges - at any temperature, "This is the very best Italian fritata [Bert had] ever sampled."

Source: cookeatshare.com