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Norwegian Potato and Rye Pancake Flatbreads - Lefse

500 g boiled potatoes, mashed
100 g rye flour
1 teaspoon sugar
1 teaspoon salt
fat (for cooking)


Put the mashed potatoes into a large bowl and add the flour, sugar and salt - mix well. Add some water - bit by bit, kneading well so it makes a pliable dough. Take little balls from the dough - the size of a small egg and roll them out thinly on a well floured surface. Heat up a flat griddle, hotplate or skillet and cook the Lefse with a little fat until the dough bubbles. Turn them over and cook the other side. When the Lefse have been cooked - they should be smooth and soft. Eat them as I have suggested in the Introduction! For Vegetarian make sure the Fat is from a Vegetable product such as vegetable oil not from an animal product such as lard.

Source: www.food.com