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City of Portland
Sunset's Vanilla Ice Cream "drowned" in Espresso (Affo

12 gallon vanilla ice cream (enough for 8 scoops)
1 cup espresso, brewed strongly, at room temp (or hot)


Put a scoop of vanilla ice cream into each of 8 small bowls and put bowls in freezer for at least 1 hour and up to 6. When ready to serve, put each bowl of ice cream on a small dinner plate and set a shot glass next to it. Fill glasses with espresso, dividing evenly, for each guest to pour onto ice cream. Notes: So that the espresso would prettily coat the ice cream for the photo, Valerie cooled it to room temperature before pouring it over the rock-hard ice cream. Serve it that way, if you like, or the traditional Italian way--hot, which turns the ice cream into an instant float. You'll need 8 shot glasses for this recipe.

Source: www.food.com