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Santa Claus Apples

6 Red Delicious apples
30 toothpicks
30 whole cloves
30 marshmallows (The Big Ones)
30 fresh cranberries
1 roll of cotton and cotton ball


Begin by taking the stem out of the apples. Put a toothpick through a marshmallow with a 1/4 inch sticking out of the top. Do this to five marshmallows and set aside. Cut a 1/4-inch piece off of the cotton roll about 6 inches long. This is Santas belt and wrap the cotton around the middle of the apple. Insert a clove to fasten it to the apple. (You may have to use a toothpick and put a clove next to it for his buckle. Insert a toothpick with the marshmallow on the top of the apple. This is his head. Insert another marshmallow on the top left of the apple, another on the top right and finally the other two marshmallows on the bottom left and right. These are the arms and legs. Make sure you have enough toothpick exposed and place a cranberry on the end of each marshmallow. Place two cloves in the top marshmallow. These are his eyes. Finally, take a cotton ball and place just under the head with another clove for his beard.

Source: www.food.com