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Fluffy and Creamy Okonomiyaki

80 grams Yamaimo (grated)
50 grams Flour
160 ml Water
1 tsp Powdered dashi
200 grams Cabbage
1 stalk Japanese leek
10 stalks Garlic chives (or Japanese leeks)
2 tbsp Tempura crumbs or cooked meat scraps
1 tbsp Pickled red ginger
10 slice Thinly sliced pork (I recommend pork belly)
2 Eggs


Mix the ingredients in a large bowl. Cut the pork in 10 cm lengths. Julienne the cabbage leaves. Slice the leeks into 3 mm thickness. Cut the garlic chives into 3-4 cm lengths. Finely chop tempura crumbs or meat scraps and ginger. Mix into Step 1 well, and add the eggs. Lightly mix together until eggs are well incorporated into the batter. Pour in the batter in an oiled electric griddle or frying pan. It should not be spread out too much, but be thick and circular. Lay the pork belly on top. Cook both sides for a little less than 5 minutes (check to avoid burning). Do not press down the batter with a spatula. We usually use an electrical hot plate in my house at 200-250C. Cook the side with the meat well until golden brown. It'll be delicious and crispy. If you like, top the okonomiyaki with okonomiyaki sauce, mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and aonori. Serve warm.

Source: cookpad.com