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Fall Salmon

1 each Cucumber
1 medium Bulb of fennel
1 each Shallot
1 medium Orange
1 small Grapefruit
1/2 medium Lemon
1 Olive oil
1/2 lb Salmon fillet
1 Salt and pepper


Get your good salad bowl. Peel your cucumber and slice a bit off each end. Scoop out the seeds and run a 1/2" dice. Put the cubes in the bowl. Shave the fennel bulb as finely as possible. I used my mini mandoline slicer. If available, remove a handful of the spindly, dill-like fennel leaves and chop them roughly. Supreme both the orange and the grapefruit. Work over the bowl so as not to waste the juice. Dice avocado to match cucumber. Brunoise that shallot as finely as possible and add it to the bowl with all the other stuff. Portion your salmon. Clean your salmon portions well, taking care to remove any scales. Dry them very well, especially the skin side. You need a hot pan, preferably cast iron. Steel will do. If you only have Teflon, I'd recommend removing the skin and just poaching your fish. Add a little oil to the pan on high heat. Season your fish. When the pan begins to smoke, place your fish, skin-side down. Take your stove down to around medium or medium/high. Press your fish occasionally with your spatula to keep the skin in contact with the pan.. It will take some time for the skin to cook, so be patient. Keep an eye on it, and lift to check every so often. You want the skin to be a nice golden brown, and as crispy as possible. When the skin is crispy, flip your fish. Give it about as long as the other side. If you have a cake tester, you can check it. But you can always slice into it a bit to be sure that it's cooked the way you like it. If you want to go crazy, drop about a tbsp of butter into the pan. Add a squirt of lemon. Baste the hot, toasty lemon butter over the salmon skin for a bit before playing. Toss your salad with some salt, a little pepper, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Set it out on the plate. Arrange your fish on top.

Source: cookpad.com