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Red Onion & Lime Guacamole

4 whole Avocados, About Medium In Size
2 whole Limes (depends On Time Of Year, Sometimes We've Had To Use As Many Limes As Avocados.)
13 whole Red Onion (or To Taste, We Like A Big Chunk In Every Bite.)
1/2 teaspoons Sea Salt (or To Taste)


1. Halve the avocados and remove the pit. Slice them from tip to bottom, about the width of a usual avocado slice. Then slice once across the width. DO NOT SLICE THROUGH TO THE SKIN. 2. Either by squeezing the skin or using a spoon, remove all of the avocado into a bowl and smash them all up with a fork. Leave plenty of nice chunks. I use a fork because it does a good job mashing while still leaving chunks. When making a larger batch, a potato masher would work just fine & save you a lot of work. 3. Squeeze the lime into the avocado and mix in completely, helps keep it from browning. If you dont get all of the juice from the lime, use more lime. The lime is what really gives this flavor, brings out the avocado... dont be afraid to be generous with the lime! 4. Slice up about a third of the onion, enough for how much you really want. 5. Add the salt to taste... believe me, it makes a HUGE difference. 6. Mix everything completely and enjoy! You can add some pepper also, or even garlic. Im allergic to garlic but Im sure itll make it taste even more amazing! If you have any leftovers (we never do, seriously, Jeff once ate a six avocado portion mostly by himself) just store it tightly in a Tupperware container. TIPS: Avocados are available year round since they can stay fresh on the tree even after reaching the perfect point of ripening. To pick an avocado, DO NOT SQUEEZE IT! Just gently put pressure on the tip, if it gives just a little, its ready to be used. If its still rock firm, let it sit out on your counter a few days. Squishy avocados are too ripe to make this chunky guacamole, theyre a pain to work with.

Source: tastykitchen.com