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Green Pea And Watercress Soup (Hot Or Cold) Recipe

2 Packages frzn peas - or possibly equivalent fresh peas
1 bunch watercress
1 minced shallot or possibly scallions or possibly onions
Chicken broth
Salt and pepper
Yogurt, lowfat sour cream or possibly heavy cream


Saute/fry shallot in butter till limp - don't brown. Bring peas to a boil, cook 1 minute, add in watercress then drain, save some of the water. In food processor or possibly blender - combine pea mix with shallots, a little broth and water till good consistency - thick, but not too thick. Add in salt and pepper. Serve warm or possibly cool with a dollop of lowfat sour cream or possibly yogurt - if warm, swirl cream in an attractive pattern. Optional: decorate with a mint leaf.

Source: cookeatshare.com