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Salmon & Ikura Salmon Roe Temari Sushi

300 ml Cooked white rice
5 slice Smoked salmon
5 leaves Shiso leaves
2 tbsp Salmon roe
3 tbsp Vinegar
2 tbsp Sugar
1 tsp Salt


Combine the ingredients for the sushi vinegar in a mug or something similar. Mix the sushi vinegar with some warm cooked rice. Fan the rice whilst folding the vinegar in. Feel free to use store-bought sushi vinegar and mix things into the rice. Place around 50 g rice onto a piece of cling film and lightly shape into a ball. Place a slice of salmon (cut in half) and half a shiso leaf over the rice and mould together into a ball. If you make the top and bottom of the sushi roll a bit flat, it will be easier to rest the salmon roe on top. You can make about 8-10 sushi rolls from this recipe. Keep the sushi rolls wrapped whilst working. Just before serving, peel off the cling film and present on a tray. Place some salmon roe on top and they're ready.

Source: cookpad.com