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Vegan Vanilla Cupcakes with Quickie Ganache

1 cup Almond Milk
13 cups Canola Oil
3/4 cups Granulated Sugar
1- 1/2 teaspoon Kahlua
2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract
1- 1/4 teaspoon Almond Extract
1- 1/4 cup All-purpose Flour
2 Tablespoons Cornstarch
3/4 teaspoons Baking Powder
1/2 teaspoons Baking Soda
1/2 teaspoons Salt
2 Tablespoons Soy Creamer
13 cups Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips (vegan)


For the cupcakes: 1. Preheat oven to 350 F and line a 12-count muffin pan with liners. 2. Beat together the milk, oil, sugar, Kahlua and extracts in a large bowl. 3. Sift in the flour, cornstarch, baking powder, baking soda and salt and mix until no large lumps remain. 4. Fill cupcake liners two-thirds of the way full and bake for 20 to 22 minutes until done. Transfer to a cooling rack and allow those babies to cool completely before frosting them. These look very depressing without frosting. Vegan cupcakes do not always rise the same way regular cupcakes do. Now its time for the quickie ganache. This is a take on a typical ganache recipe but its made for those of us who do not have much time to kill. Normally I would only put ganache on top of an already frosted cupcake but again, I had limited time and who doesnt love drizzled chocolate? 1. Heat soy creamer in a small saucepan over medium heat until its just about to simmer. 2. Remove from heat, add chocolate chips, and stir until chocolate is completely melted and creamer is incorporated. 3. Set aside and allow to cool for 10 minutes. 4. Use a whisk to drizzle the ganache over the cupcakes (I usually drizzle then make a full layer with the aid of a rubber spatula).

Source: tastykitchen.com