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250 g plain flour
1 tablespoon dashi, granules for making stock (you can buy this from any asian grocery shop)
enough water, to make into batter (not to thick)
100 g cabbage
1 green onion
2 eggs
100 g very thinly sliced pork
dried bonito flakes (you can also buy this from any asian grocery shop)
japanese mayonnaise (que pi)
japanese Worcestershire sauce (Okonomi-yaki sauce)
japanese shredded dried fresh seaweed (furikake)


prepare the batter and mix well, don't use the eggs until the rest of the ingredients are added. Rinse the cabbage and onion in cold water and shred finely. The pork must be thinly sliced and you can either cut it into 1 1/2 inch squares or just tear it apart as you add to the batter. Add the cabbage, onion, egg and pork to the batter and mix well. for cooking I like to use a 20cm frying pan heated to about 400F but these are a great meal to cook on the BBQ. pour the batter mix into the frying pan to what ever size you enjoy and sprinkle on the bonito flakes. cook for about 3 minuted then turn and cook for 5 minutes, flip again and cook for 5 minutes and again and cook for 3 minutes(flipping and cooking several time ensures the batter is cooked through without burning). serve with the Okonomi-yaki sauce and the japanese mayonnaise to taste and sprinkle on the furikake. I'm telling you my favorite version, remember you can use your own ingredients such as seafood but please use the Dashi granules for the batter(it makes a major difference if you don't).

Source: www.food.com