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Spicy Grilled Orange Salmon

1 cup Brown Or White Rice
2 stalks Green Onions, Diced Finely
2 whole (5 Oz. Size) Salmon Fillets (skin On)
1 whole Large Navel Orange (for Zest And Juice)
1/2 teaspoons Granulated Sugar
1/4 teaspoons Cayenne Pepper
1/4 teaspoons Cumin
1/2 teaspoons Kosher Or Sea Salt
1 cup Plain Greek Yogurt
1 Tablespoon Honey
2 dashes Hot Sauce (your Favorite)


Cook rice per package instructions. Remove from heat when tender. Lightly fluff it with a fork then stir in diced green onions, place lid on pot and set aside. Heat your grill or griddle pan to medium high heat. Spray grill or griddle pan with cooking spray. On a clean work surface, place the salmon (skin side down). In a small bowl add orange zest and juice, sugar, cayenne pepper, cumin and salt and stir together. Coat the top and sides of salmon with seasonings. Leave any remaining spice mixture for later; youll use it in the sauce. Place salmon, skin side down, on the heated grill or griddle pan on medium high heat. Grill salmon fillets for 4 minutes then flip over gently and grill for 4 minutes on the other side. Remove from grill or griddle pan and place on a platter. Use a foil tent to keep warm. In a blender add Greek yogurt, honey, a dash or two of hot sauce and any leftover seasonings from the small bowl. Puree together on medium. I use an ice cream scoop to plate the rice and green onions, then spoon a good portion of the yogurt mixture on the serving plate and add grilled salmon on top of that. This is so flavorful! Hope you will enjoy!

Source: tastykitchen.com