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Braised Sage Chicken with Kale & Chickpeas

3 pounds Bone-In Chicken (I Prefer Thighs And Drumsticks)
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1 whole Small White Onion, Thinly Sliced
2 cloves Garlic, Minced
1/2 teaspoons Red Chili Flakes
8 whole Fresh Sage Leaves, Minced
1 cup Dry White Wine
2 cups Chicken Stock
4 cups Chopped Kale Leaves
1 can (15 Oz. Size) Chickpeas Or Garbanzo Beans, Rinsed And Drained
Kosher Salt And Ground Black Pepper, To Taste
1/2 Lemon, Juiced


Preheat oven to 350 F. Liberally season the chicken with salt and pepper. In a large Dutch oven (or other oven proof pot with a lid), heat olive oil to medium. In batches, brown the chicken pieces on both sides and transfer to a plate. The chicken doesnt have to be fully cooked at this point, just nicely browned on both sides. Discard all but 1 tablespoon of the leftover grease. Add the onions into the Dutch oven and cook until they have softened and are translucent. Add the garlic, chili flakes and sage and saute for an additional minute. Pour in the wine and with a wooden spoon, scrape the brown bits from the bottom of the pot. Continue cooking until the wine has reduced by half. Pour in the chicken stock and bring to a boil. Return the chicken to the pot with the skin side up. Place the lid on and transfer to the oven. Bake for 25 minutes then remove from the oven. Carefully remove the lid and use a spoon to skim off and discard any excess fat and grease. Add the kale and chickpeas to the pot, cover with the lid, and place it back into the oven. Continue cooking for 5-10 minutes until the meat is tender and pulls away from the bone. Remove the pot from the oven. Taste the broth and adjust for seasonings as needed. Squeeze the fresh lemon juice over the dish and serve warm.

Source: tastykitchen.com