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March of the penguins, olive and cheese bites

20 large pitted whole black olives
10 large slices of carrots
10 tbsp goat cheese, you may use cream cheese
10 toothpicks


Peel and cut carrots to 1/8" medallions. I used prepared crinkle cut carrots. Slice ten olives in half. With a small melon baller or tablespoon measurement , scoop 10 balls of cold cheese. once formed into balls, freeze on flat surface for 10 minutes while preparing olives and carrots. To assemble Cut a v or pie wedge shape out of carrot slices. Save the v shape for beak. Take two halves and place on both sides of cheese. Place cheese with olive on carrot. Take a toothpick and pierce through whole olive , then slide toothpick through cheese securing into carrot Add v shape reserved from feet and place in pit opening of olive. This is the beak so keep opening towards front when assembling. Chill about half an hour and serve. Recipe by taylor68too

Source: cookpad.com