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Mexican White Sauce

1 cup Miracle Whip
12 cup ranch dressing
12 cup heavy whipping cream
12 teaspoon oregano
1 12 teaspoons garlic powder
14 teaspoon onion powder
14 teaspoon pepper
14 teaspoon salt
1 dash paprika
2 teaspoons lime juice
2 teaspoons cumin
12 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes
1 dash cayenne pepper (to taste depending on how you like it, but it doesn't take much!)


Mix all ingredients together with wisk or mixer or blender, etc. Best if chilled overnight. Serve with homemade Mexican style tortilla chips. Note: You may need to experiment with the spices to your own taste. Also, you may like to add more or less ranch dressing to taste, and also more or less milk to the consistency you like. Start out with less, then taste and add as you like. Most Mexican restaurants I've been to are different with the white sauce. I have also added sour cream to this recipe and it also does well. Please, if anyone finds a better way or something to add or subtract, please comment and note it!

Source: www.food.com