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Mango Custard Oman Style

3 eggs
14 cup sugar
2 12 tablespoons flour
12 cup mango juice
12 cup mango yogurt
12 cup mango, sliced small chunks
2 cups whipping cream
14 teaspoon rose water
1 pinch cinnamon
rose petal (optional)


Butter 4 ramekins. divide the mango into the 4 ramekins .mix the eggs and sugar together add the flour mix add the yogurt. add the mango juice pour over fruit Place in a pan of water, which is a ban marie,up half ways on the ramekin in 300 degree Fahrenheit for oven 50 minutes or until knife comes out clean. Whip the cream and rose water together; a pinch of cinnamon would be okay. Top cooled custards with this topping. She topped hers with rose petals.

Source: www.food.com