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Easy Tofu and Wakame Seaweed Salad

1 block(300 grams) Tofu
1 handful(around 20 grams) Wakame seaweed preserved in salt
1/2 pack Radish sprouts
2 tbsp Ponzu
1/2 tbsp Sesame oil
1 White sesame seeds


If you have the time, put the tofu in water to cover and leave for 30 minutes. Wash the wakame seaweed and cut into bite sized pieces. Cut the radish sprouts into thirds. Put the radish sprouts and wakame in a bowl and mix with ponzu sauce and sesame oil. Add the tofu that has been cut into bite size pieces and mix gently. Arrange in serving bowls, sprinkle with sesame seeds and it's done.

Source: cookpad.com