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Dorayaki (Sweet Bean Pancakes)

30 g sugar
1 egg
80 to 100 ml milk
120 g flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 pinch salt
1 Tbsp mirin (sweet sake)
1 can Azuki / red bean paste


Prepare a bowl and add in the egg and sugar. Mix them well then slowly add milk. Add flour, a pinch of salt, mirin and baking soda and mix them well. (note: dissolve the baking soda in one tsp of hot water before putting it into a bowl) Heat a pan with one teaspoon of oil. Wipe off excess oil with a paper towel. Then pour in 2 Tbsp of the batter until it is about 8 cm in diameter. When you see many bubbly spots on the surface of the pancake, it is time to flip it around. Cook the other side for a few minutes on low heat. The mixture should make about 12 pancakes. Put one Tbsp of bean paste on one pancake and cover it with another pancake. Do the same for the rest of the pancakes and you're done! Enjoy Dorayaki with hot green tea :)

Source: cookpad.com