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Halloween Ghost Pumpkin Character For Bentos

1 Kabocha squash
1 dash Sugar
1 dash Cucumber


Peel the kabocha squash, and cut into 2 cm pieces, so that it cooks faster in the microwave. Wrap the kabocha squash in plastic film and microwave. If a bamboo skewer goes through easily, it's done. The microwaving time varies depending on your microwave oven. Make sure not to let the kabocha squash get too dried out. You can boil the pieces too, but they may get too watery and hard to form. If you have time, you can try steaming. Add sugar to the kabocha squash and mix (make it as sweet as you like). When the kabocha squash has cooled down, form into a pumpkin shaped ball in plastic wrap. You can let them rest overnight. Cut a piece of cucumber to look like the pumpkin stem. Make the face with nori seaweed - 3 triangles and the mouth. Put the face on the pumpkin ball. An example of how to use the pumpkin ball. I used it for a Hello Kitty themed charaben.

Source: cookpad.com